Who does V want to marry? (2023)

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Does Kim Taehyung want to marry?

Breaking the hearts of thousands of fangirls of BTS V, the Kpop idol has decided who he wants to marry. Kim Tae-hyung (the real name of V) made this revelation in the 2022 Season's Greetings Spot #2. But on finding out who V said he would marry didn't leave the ARMY (BTS fandom) shocked or heartbroken but in splits.

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Is Taehyung in a relationship?

As reported by the K-pop source Koreaboo, during the radio programme, V was questioned about whether any BTS members had romantic feelings for someone. In response, V admitted, "I have never been in a serious relationship. Actually, I couldn't refuse a confession.

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Is V in a relationship 2023?

May 2023. Once again, Jennie and V are seen together, this time in Paris in a video shared by French photographer Amar Taoualit.

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How long is Taekook married?

Jungkook & Taehyung are a happily married couple now for 2 yrs. But Tae doesn't like a teeny tiny thing from his husband is that his husband is sweet.

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At what age Kim Taehyung wants to marry?

Taehyung WANTS to get married at 30. Do you think that is possible with his career?

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Has Taehyung ever kissed someone?

At the tender age of 17, Taehyung experienced his first kiss. While first kisses are often considered romantic, they can also lead to awkward or disastrous situations. However, Taehyung's first kiss was unforgettable for a unique reason: it was broadcast on television and involved one of his fellow BTS members!

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Who has V dated?

BTS' V is again involved in dating rumors with Blackpink's Jennie! While this is among the few times that the singer has been embroiled in dating rumours as an idol, did you know that V actually had a bunch of girlfriends during his school days, however, none of his relationships would last for more than 20 days.

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Who is dating with V?

BTS member V and BLACKPINK's Jennie earlier took the internet by storm after their dating rumours surfaced on social media.

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What is the name of V GF?

At present, BTS singer V and BLACKPINK member Jennie seem to be at the centre of a storm as the two are rumoured to be dating. Several alleged pictures of Kim Tae-hyung, known as V and Jennie Kim, aka Jennie, are making the rounds of social media as their fans speculate that the two have been dating for a few weeks.

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How many relationships can V have?

There are four committed romances available - two for male V, and two for female V - and one fling for either. All romances, aside from the fling, develop in Act 2. Being in a relationship can see that character appear in the ending epilogue.

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Is Taekook a real couple in 2023?

Dispatch confirmed that “#TAEKOOK” between Jungkook and Taehyung of BTS is real musicmundial.com/en/2023/05/01/…

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Is Jungkook in a relationship?

BTS star Jung Kook has addressed recent rumours about his love life, stating that he does not have a girlfriend.

Who does V want to marry? (2023)
Is Jungkook married to Lisa?

If Jungkook and Lisa never made contact, why is everyone shipping them? No,Lisa and jungkook are not married and aren't dating,you've probably seen it from photos or videos but they were edited.

Is Jennie married to V?

New Delhi: For a year, there have been rumours linking Blackpink's Jennie with BTS's V. But neither of the two K-pop idols nor their respective management companies, have acknowledged or denied their relationship.

Will Jungkook marry a fan?

He said he won't marry or date a fan so she doesn't like him for his money or popularity. Does Jungkook carry BTS? Why is Jungkook so well liked compared to other BTS members? He's the maknae.

What type of wife does BTS want?

The BTS boys have spoken about the kind of women they want in their lives and THIS one skill is highly in demand. Creating magic in the kitchen will also help her win over J-Hope and Jungkook. As per fans, J-Hope wants a girl who is a bookworm, caring and with 'amazing' cooking skills.

Will Jimin marry a foreigner?

Well, if you are from an specific culture or religion you would be force to marry people from the same kind as you. Sure many people say jimin may not marry a foreigner, but I mean it is possible. It's all up to him, he makes his own decisions.

Who was Tae's first kiss?

Taehyung's first kiss is hoseok let that sink in 😂💚💜

Has Taekook ever kissed?

The one on stage where Taehyung came up from behind Jungkook during the ““Love myself” song. Taehyung did kiss him on his nape. It's right there in the video. It's so clear and obvious.

Who is the closest person to Taehyung?

Taehyung and Jungkook are very close perhaps because they are the two youngest members of BTS. Although the members all love each other and spend a lot of time together, Taehyung and Jungkook seem to be especially close.

Who is not virgin in BTS?

RM liberally said himself he is not a virgin lol. You ever heared Suga's part in cypher pt 3? Or Agust D..yep, he's definitely not a virgin eitjer. Not sure about JK tho, but there were this one occasion when he a members were talking to fans and he whispered something into.

Has V ever dated a girl?

Opening up about his love life before becoming an idol, V once confessed on a radio show that he had a bunch of girlfriends, however, he was never lucky in love with any of them. "I've never been in a serious relationship. Actually, I couldn't refuse a confession.

Who is Jennie's BF?

V from BTS

Following the end of her romance with G-Dragon, rumors began swirling Jennie moved on with BTS boy bander V. On May 17, 2023, Jennie and V were pictured holding hands in Paris. Although the two are believed to be dating, neither singer has confirmed the reports.

Who is Lisa's BF?

BLACKPINK's Lisa is rumoured to be dating Frédéric Arnault. The two were previously spotted in Paris. BLACKPINK singer Lisa is on a holiday.

Is Jennie allowed to date?

Jennie noted that there's an exception to the ban, which is that any rule can be broken as long as YG Entertainment's former CEO Yang Hyun-Suk gives his permission. It's not clear if the dating ban is still in effect in 2022. Jennie, so far, is the only member in BLACKPINK who has publicly dated.

Did Jennie date Harry Styles?

Harry Styles - 2019

Jennie and none other than Harry Styles sparked dating rumours early 2019 after he followed her on Instagram then attended a Blackpink concert. But, nothing much more came of these rumours.

Who is best friend of V?

V flew back to South Korea early to support his friend Kang Dong Won. The South Korean Actor and BTS member V are best friends ever since they started their careers in the entertainment industry. BTS' V and Kang Dong Won likely got close through their common connection to the Geochang county in South Korea.

Should I give Judy a cigarette?

Giving her a cigarette reveals that the cigarette case was Evelyn's. For the rest of this conversation, you can give Judy some support.

Why did Panam reject me?

Just keep in mind that Panam Palmer can only be romanced if you are a male. She will just reject you if you hit on her if you are female. So it is the complete opposite of Judy Alvarez and the opposite of River Ward as well.

Can you get Panam as female V?

Panam - V must have male body type to romance, with any voice. River - V must have female body type to romance, with any voice. Kerry - V must have male voice and body type to romance.

Is Taekook or Jikook more real?

Jikook is real whether it is made the center of attention or not. Taekook could be real regardless of whether they are marketed or not. Just because a certain ship is put under the spotlight doesn't mean that ship is 'real' neither does that negate the genuine friendship that exists between members of other ships.

Where is Taekook day?

Apparently, fans have also made April 5, as Taekook day. What are some facts about Kim Taehyung?

Has jk dated anyone?

Well, media reports suggest that BTS star Jungkook is single at the moment. In the past, he has been linked to K-pop stars Jeong Ye In of the group 'Lovelyz' and Jung Chae Yeon from 'DIA'. He was also said to be dating CUBE trainee Ko So-hyun and fans continue to link them with their nicknames.

Does IU like Jungkook?

took part in J-Hope's new album “Jack In The Box”. Fans also started shouting Jungkook's name wherever I.U. went up. She also admitted that she likes Jungkook.

Who does Jungkook have a crush?

But do you know who is Jungkook's crush? Jungkook had expressed his admiration for K-pop star and actress IU several times and revealed that IU is his ideal type. In an interview, Jungkook revealed that he performed IU's debut song, 'Lost Child', at Superstar K's audition but did not clear the audition.

Does Jungkook kiss Lisa?

LISA AND JUNGKOOK NEVER KISSED! They just have a good friendship. But they never had feelings for each other.

Is Jungkook married to IU?

They never dated. Jungkook idolizes IU because of how much he loves her voice as a singer and her personality. His ideal type might be based on IU, but, there is no dating happening.

Does jk have a crush on Jennie?

Nope. Even a while (couple of years) ago, he seemingly joked about his ideal type being IU. But Jennie has no connection whatsoever with it. Jungkook didn't told that jennie is his crush he only told IU is his ideal type.

Why is V called V?

V was one of the last BTS members to be announced, so there was always a mystery around him. He once said in an interview that Big Hit Entertainment recommended three stage names for him: Six, Lex and V. In the end, though, the singer chose V because of how it represents “victory.

Is it Taekook real?

Taekook was always real…. a real friendship! But…things got complicated. Evidently, after In the Soop season 1, taekook did drift apart.

Did Taehyung and Jisoo date?

She is not involved in with Taehyung in any kind.

Are BTS members dating anyone?

Fact: all seven BTS members are as good looking as they are talented, and if you've ever wondered about their relationship statuses, you're definitely not alone. After all, ever since the K-pop group debuted in June 2013, none of its members has ever been in a public relationship.

Do BTS still live together in 2023?

Do BTS members live together in one house? The house of BTS where the members used to live together is located in Hannam The Hill. For years the members of the BTS have lived together. However, over the last few years, the members have been living separate lives.

What is dating like in 2023?

Experts agree that the dating trends of 2023 optimize communication, openness, and boundary setting to protect your values while taking responsibility for your part of the relationship.

Are V and Jungkook still friends?

BTS members Jungkook and V share a close bond and fans can't stop gushing over their friendship.

Who is JK crush?

But do you know who is Jungkook's crush? Jungkook had expressed his admiration for K-pop star and actress IU several times and revealed that IU is his ideal type.

Is Jimin in a relationship with Rose?

no because if jimin was dating someone he would keep her a sceret or their ceo would tell him to break up with her and it in his contract that they can't date until their contract is up.

Where is Jungkook now?

BTS' Jungkook is currently in the US, engrossed in the promotions of his latest solo album, Golden. The singer recently graced the stage of the Today Show in New York City, captivating the audience with performances of his new hits, “Standing Next To You”, “3D”, and “Seven”.

Do Jimin and J Hope still share a room?

BTS's J-Hope and Jimin continue to be roommates with each other to this day even after the other members moved to their own rooms.

What age is best for dating?

Some pediatricians suggest that kids wait until they're 16 to start this kind of one-on-one dating. That's a good place to start the discussion, but every kid is different. Some are more emotionally mature than others. Some teens come from communities and families where one-on-one dating starts earlier or later.

What is the hardest year of dating?

The first year of the relationship is the hardest stage, and even when you're living together, you still discover new things about each other every day.

What age is considered dating?

Consider their emotional maturity and sense of responsibility. For many kids, 16 seems to be an appropriate age, but it may be entirely suitable for a mature 15-year-old to go on a date, or to make your immature 16-year-old wait a year or two.


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