Towie 2022? (2023)

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Is TOWIE coming back in 2022?

Lime Pictures has confirmed that its Bafta-winning series, The Only Way Is Essex, will return with 2 new series next year. Every year since its launch in 2014, TOWIE has been ITVBe's highest rated programme. “We are so excited to bring The Only Way Is Essex back in 2023.

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Is TOWIE coming back in 2023?

Luckily for all us fans, filming for TOWIE series 31 is officially well underway in Essex and it looks like loads of our faves – including resident Regina George (but brunette now) Amber Turner – are returning for some 2023 #dramz.

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Is there a series 30 of TOWIE?

The Only Way is Essex - Series 30 - Episode 1 - ITVX.

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Is there a season 27 of TOWIE?

The twenty-seventh series of the British reality television programme The Only Way Is Essex began airing on 14 March 2021, and concluded following eleven episodes on 23 May.
The Only Way Is Essex (series 27)
The Only Way Is Essex
Original release14 March – 23 May 2021
Series chronology
List of episodes
5 more rows

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When did TOWIE season 22 start?

25 March

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What channel is TOWIE on 2022?

TOWIE bosses have confirmed that the reality show will air again on Sunday, August 21 at 9pm on ITVBe and the ITV Hub.

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Is anyone from TOWIE still together?

Georgia and Tommy began their relationship on TOWIE in 2014 and have been together for eight years.

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What did Ella say about Dan?

Ella, 22, told MailOnline that Dan, 32, 'needs to keep his hands to himself' and she was shocked he behaved in such a way given he's in a long-term relationship with Amber, 29.

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Is Pete still in TOWIE?

TOWIE star Pete Wicks has sensationally quit the show after seven years, MailOnline can exclusively reveal. The reality personality, 34, is set to announce to his loyal fanbase that he is taking a step away from the ITVBe series to focus on new TV projects.

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Where can I watch TOWIE in USA?

The Only Way Is Essex, a reality series is available to stream now. Watch it on Tubi - Free Movies & TV, Pluto TV - It's Free TV or Prime Video on your Roku device.

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Why was Pia Smith axed from TOWIE?

Not only was Pia cut from the show for "breaching her contract" before her first scenes even aired after allegedly vaping on the plane home from filming in the Dominican Republic, but Mia and Hannah were also axed after just one series after failing to make an impact.

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Is there a series 29 of TOWIE?

The twenty-ninth series of the British reality television programme The Only Way Is Essex which for reasons unknown was billed as the 30th series began airing on 21 August 2022.

Towie 2022? (2023)
Where can I watch Season 27 TOWIE?

Watch The Only Way is Essex Season 27 Now on Stan.

Where can I watch TOWIE season 28?

Prime Video: The Only Way is Essex - Season 28.

Who did TOWIE get rid of?

Nicole Bass, 2015 - 2021. Nicole joined TOWIE in 2015 as the ex-girlfriend of Lewis Bloor and rejoined the show in 2020. She was axed in 2021 later as part of the now infamous 'TOWIE cull', where she hit out at the show for the 'disgusting' way she was treated during the axing.

How many times a year is TOWIE on?

TOWIE is on ITVBe on Sundays and Wednesdays at 9pm.

What season did Pete Wicks join TOWIE?

In 2015, Wicks joined the cast of The Only Way Is Essex for its fifteenth series. In 2018, Wicks was a contestant on Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls. In 2019, Wicks appeared on the sixth series of Celebs Go Dating.

When did TOWIE go to Vegas?

6 October 2013

Is The Only Way Is Essex on Amazon Prime?

Watch The Only Way Is Essex | Prime Video.

How can I watch TOWIE outside UK?

But if you want to watch The Only Way Is Essex outside the UK, you need a VPN. If you have a VPN that can access websites usually locked for certain countries, it doesn't matter where in the world you're based. You'll be able to stream The Only Way Is Essex without trouble.

Where can I watch latest season of TOWIE?

The Only Way Is Essex - Watch Free on Pluto TV United States.

Is Maddie from TOWIE disabled?

Chloe gave birth to Madison, known as Mady, when she was 23 years old and she recently celebrated her 16th birthday. The teenager lives with ADHD and autism and Chloe has shared snippets of information about her diagnosis in her autobiography The Only Way is Up- My Story.

Are Megan and Amber still friends TOWIE?

She's my best friend and no matter what goes on, we'll always have each other's back." However, it seems to be a different story these days, as Amber and Megan are no longer following each other on Instagram, which, in 2022, is usually a surefire sign that sh-t has gone down.

Do any of the TOWIE cast have jobs?

Pete Wicks

Pre-fame Pete worked as the director of a company which supplied consultant doctors to the NHS, but since appearing on TOWIE he's begun working a model, influencer and reality star.

Are Pete Wicks and Ella together?

The pair never made it official. The will-they, won't-they couple then decided they were a better match as 'flirty friends' after they shared an off-screen kiss. He also admitted he wasn't looking for a relationship after two failed relationships with TOWIE co-stars Chloe Sims and Megan McKenna.

Has Dan Edgar and Amber split?

TOWIE's Dan Edgar has spoken out over his break-up with cast mate Amber Turner before the show returns for a new series. The pair called it quits just before Christmas, and both were said to be "heartbroken" by the decision.

Did Dan flirt with Ella?

Dan and Amber have had their fair share of ups and downs over the years, and back in June, sources claimed that the couple's long-term relationship was "on the rocks" after he "flirted" with Ella. A source said to the Mail Online at the time: "Amber couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Is Pete and Chloe still friends?

Things reportedly came to an end when Pete failed to commit to mum-of-one Chloe, who shares her 16-year-old daughter with a former partner, but the pair managed to patch things up and remain friends.

Are Pete and Chloe back together?

CHLOE Sims has ended her friendship with former flame Pete Wicks for good.

What does Pete from The Only Way Is Essex do for a living?

Before his stardom, Pete used to be a director of a company, where he supplied consultant doctors to the NHS. He now owns a string of properties and has a business portfolio, which earns him a fair bit of money, especially since apparently TOWIE doesn't pay its stars extensively.

Is Towie on BritBox?

BritBox - The Only Way is Essex S0. Soap opera meets reality show. Follow the lads and lasses of Essex as they work, date and fight under the glare of the camera lens. From nightclub bust-ups to nail bar patch-ups, it's all happening in Essex.

Where can I watch dance plus in USA?

Watch All Seasons of Dance + on Disney+ Hotstar.

Why did Pete leave TOWIE?

THE real reason Pete Wicks quit TOWIE after seven years on the series has been revealed. A source has now exclusively told The Sun how the tattooed hunk, 34, wasn't getting along with a host of his "fame hungry" castmates, prompting his decision. Pete stunned telly fans when he announced his TOWIE exit last month.

Who is Hannah voyan boyfriend?

TOWIE newcomer Hannah Voyan's love interest Kirk Holdrick is on the run from police | Daily Mail Online.

Why are the Sim sisters not in TOWIE?

The first family of Essex has departed the network for an exclusive multi-year content deal with the free streaming platform and app and will launch a new show, House Of Sims, where they will have full creative control. Chloe first joined Towie in 2011, followed by her sister Demi in 2018, and then Frankie in 2019.

What day is TOWIE on 2022?

What day is TOWIE on? TOWIE usually airs on ITVBe at 9pm on Sunday evenings. Earlier this year Chloe Brockett confirmed that filming was delayed due to to coronavirus restrictions, it has since been confirmed that the show will return in August 2022.

Has TOWIE been sacked?

Nicole Bass, 2015 - 2021

She was axed in 2021 later as part of the now infamous 'TOWIE cull', where she hit out at the show for the 'disgusting' way she was treated during the axing.

Do they get paid on TOWIE?

Long term fans will know that the TOWIE cast traditionally don't earn a massive amount from filming. In fact it was previously reported that the stars would earn as little as £100 a day filming - although, when you're getting all your food, drinks, entry and travel, we'd say it's better than a kick in the teeth...

How can I watch TOWIE in USA?

The Only Way Is Essex (2010 - 2023)

The Only Way Is Essex featuring Denise Van Outen and Amy Childs has one or more episodes streaming with subscription on Prime Video, streaming with subscription on Hulu, free on Tubi, and 1 other. It's an action & adventure and reality show with 368 episodes over 29 seasons.

Who is the new cast of TOWIE 2022?

Joining Chloe Brockett will be Amber Turner, Dan Edgar, Amy Childs, Chloe Meadows and James Lock. Saffron Lampiere, Dani Imbert, Yazmin Oukhellou, and Roman Hackett are some of the other returning cast members.

Where can I watch the new season of TOWIE?

The characters featured in this show are real people living their real lives. Viewers will see the tears, the tantrums and the triumphs just like a real soap opera. Get Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+, all with ads, for $12.99/mo.

Who is the most successful from TOWIE?

James Argent – £1.1million

He has made the majority of his wealth from TV appearances, having been in TOWIE since it began in 2010. Arg has also had appearances on numerous reality shows including Sugar Free Farm, Celebs Go Dating, All Star Family Fortunes, The Jump, Britain's Got More Talent and Celebrity Coach Trip.

Who are the 10 axed from TOWIE?

' Stars including Courtney Green, 26, Chloe Meadows, 28, and Clelia Theodorou, 26, as well as Nicole Bass, 30, Kelsey Stratford, 20, and Ella Rae Wise, 21, were dropped.


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