How did the kids beat Pennywise? (2023)

How did the kids beat Pennywise?

The spider-clown shrinks as the Losers hurl taunts at It, until it's tiny and weak enough that they pluck out its heart and squash it into nothingness. In the end, they defeat Pennywise by, uh, making him feel really bad about himself.

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How do the kids defeat Pennywise in It?

Film: At the house on Neibolt Street, the kids basically do a bunch of damage by impaling It with rods. It looks like they get these weapons from the rusty wrought-iron fence of the house itself. Down in the sewers, during their final encounter, it's much of the same.

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How was Pennywise defeated in It?

Weakened, IT runs away to tend its wounds and is chased by Bill, Richie, and Ben, who stays behind to destroy the eggs laid by IT. Bill then fights his way inside IT's body to get to its heart, crushing it and finally killing the creature.

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Why does Pennywise kill kids every 27 years?

Basically, children are delicious. That hunger for tasty, tasty, beautiful fear is pretty much the sole reason It returns to Derry, Maine every 27 years to torment and feed on the townsfolk before retreating into a new cycle of slumber.

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Why does Pennywise only kill kids?

First we have to clarify that Pennywise doesn't kill, he is basically an illusion, It kills. It kills children because they are safer to kill then adults. Children are relatively powerless and most people (outside of friends and family) soon forget about them.

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What was Pennywise afraid of?

Stephen King's 'IT' introduced readers to a one-of-a-kind creature that can take any form, the most common one being Pennywise the Dancing Clown, and as menacing as it is, this creature has one big enemy it's truly scared of: Maturin, the turtle.

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What is Pennywise's weakness?

That is, when Pennywise morphs into a werewolf, he is subject to the same weaknesses as a werewolf, including silver slugs. In both the original novel and made-for-television adaptation, Pennywise is weakened using silver bullets melted down from earrings.

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What were Pennywise's last words?

Image via Warner Bros. Finally, Pennywise is beaten into submission. He scurries away, utters the word "fear," and partially disintegrates before falling into the void. It's a powerful defeat of a powerful monster, and it's satisfaction enough were IT to remain a single film.

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Is Pennywise able to be killed?

In their final battle, the Losers' Club was able to kill Pennywise by reducing him to a child-like form as they overcame their fears. In the moments before Pennywise died, his fear is reminiscent of Georgie's own, therefore closing the cyclical nature of Pennywise's murders. Georgie's death was unique in It.

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Who can easily defeat Pennywise?

The winner is Lucifer Morningstar and maybe quite easily. Lucifer as his name suggests is The Devil of the DC Universe, he is by far one of the most powerful beings to exist. He is the first and most beautiful and the most powerful of all the angels in existence.

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How long does Pennywise eat for?

It slept for millions of years, then, when humans appeared in the area, It awoke and began a feeding cycle lasting about a year, feeding on people's fears and frequently assuming the shape of whatever its prey feared the most. After feeding, It would resume hibernation for approximately 30 years before reappearing.

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Who is Pennywise daughter?

Kersh is Pennywise's daughter.

How did the kids beat Pennywise? (2023)
Can adults see Pennywise?

Throughout the summer and their trials against Pennywise and the school bullies, the Losers realize that none of the adults in Derry can actually see Pennywise or the horrors he is committing against the children of Derry.

Can Pennywise hurt you if you're not scared?

Yes. It's not Freddy Kreuger. It has the ability to actually hurt you, fear or no fear.

Who did Pennywise eat?

While it's unclear if it was ever shot, a deleted scene from the IT 2017 script saw Pennywise actually eat a baby in front of its mother. There are lots of disturbing scenes in Stephen King's original IT novel. Anyone who's read that gargantuan tome can readily attest to that fact.

Does Pennywise actually eat his victims?

It disguises itself as many frightening things in the movie. Pennywise can morph his mouth into a giant gaping mouth with layers of sharp teeth which he uses it mangle and eat his victims. This is all done with CGI.

What is Pennywise arch enemy?

You've also probably read all of King's horror novels, including The Dark Tower series, which reveals that Pennywise's archenemy is The Turtle.

What is Pennywise's worst fear?

Stephen King's IT introduced readers to a one-of-a-kind creature that can take any form, the most common one being Pennywise the Dancing Clown, and as menacing as it is, this creature has one big enemy it's truly scared of: Maturin, the turtle.

What is the story behind it?

It is a 1986 horror novel by American author Stephen King. It was his 22nd book and his 17th novel written under his own name. The story follows the experiences of seven children as they are terrorized by an evil entity that exploits the fears of its victims to disguise itself while hunting its prey.

Why is Pennywise cross eyed?

The character's eyes look in different directions, something that actually isn't a CGI effect. Bill Skarsgård did that 100% on his own – according to Andy Muschietti: “I told Bill, 'I want it in both directions, I want you to send your eyes looking away and give a really unsettling look'.

How did they defeat Pennywise in it Chapter 2?

They shout at IT that it's nothing but a clown, eventually shrinking it down until it's tiny. Finally, Bill reaches in and pulls what IT calls a heart out of its chest, crushing it and seemingly killing IT for good.

Why does Pennywise keep the kids floating?

The simplest and most obvious interpretation is that all the talk of floating is a reference to the fact that Pennywise (aka the titular "It") murders his victims and drags them down to the town's sewer system where he dwells, which is full of water. And what do dead bodies do in water? That's right — they float.

How many losers are there in It?

The Losers Club is the main protagonistic faction of Stephen King's novel It. They are a group of seven children, with six boys (later men) and one girl (later a woman) and they have unhappy lives which unite them.

How does Pennywise lure kids?

He lives in the sewers of Derry, Maine and works his hypnotic/demonic charm to lure children down into the sewer with him, telling them they'll "float" if they come with him.


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